Dean Industrial to continue support local fabricators with coating of new or upgraded plant & machinery during the current mining boom. Projects stem from local mine sites to Newcastle, Queensland and as far awaya as Western Australia.

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No. 1, 2 & 3 flare Stacks for Bluescope Steel

No. 1, 2 & 3 flare Stacks for Bluescope Steel were manufactured locally and transported to Dean Industrial for protective coating. Each 90m stack was manufactured in (5) separate parts for ease of transporting and erecting. The coating material was airless sprayed using a multi coat High Build Epoxy system then was top coated with a Low Gloss Two Pack Polyurethane to the recommended colour.

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Pressure vessels

(3) pressure vessels for Adelaide water were painted in a (3) coat Epoxy System externally to resist the harsh environment in which they would be exposed to. The internal surfaces were coated in a solventless High Build Epoxy to a grade suitable for potable water. Dean Industrial carried out all confined space procedures during this process.

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Overhead Cranes

Dean Industrial carry out work on cranes directly with crane manufacturers. Coating systems vary from Alky Systems to High Build Epoxy Systems depending on their location and function.

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5 Blast Furnace reline

No. 5 Blast Furnace reline was a project Dean Industrial was involved with both on a yard and site level. All structural steel was abrasive blasted and coated in a (3) coat epoxy system in the factories then erected on site with minimal touch up. The downcomer vents for the blast furnace was coated with an Inorganic Zinc Silicate followed by (2) coats of High Temperature Aluminium.

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Tank lining

Dean Industrial are recommended applicators for many tank lining products. Most material is airless sprayed due to the viscousity of the material (being solvent free). Being an epoxy, solvent free tank liners set extremely hard yet are safe in regards to public health. Ie. Water and grain storage.

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Gas & water

Gas & water mains are constantly being upgraded or replaced and it is these projects that Dean Industrial specialise in. This gas main was abrasive blasted and coated in a (3) coat high Build Epoxy System with a Two Pack Gloss Polyurethane top coat that is self cleaning in inclement weather.

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Dean Industrial have constant projects requiring anti-fouling with such companies as Bluescope Steel & Port Kembla Ports Authority. These paint systems are very specialised & require (4) coats of paint that is applied at certain intervals during required environmental conditions, ie. Weather. The finished product is a coating that is tough & resistant to marine life during submersion.

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